Voting officials express the need for patience on election night

More time will be needed as millions of votes come in from mail and machine

The 2020 presidential election is heating up and picking up speed less than a month before millions of Americans hit the polls.

President Donald Trump and Vice President Mike Pence have made stops in Florida recently campaigning for reelection.

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On Monday, Florida Supervisors of Elections, a group that represents all 67 counties across the state, held a virtual briefing to set expectations for election results and the requirements for a transparent, accurate vote count.

“Due to coronavirus and health concerns, more people will be voting absentee than ever before,” officials said

Because of these complications, election officials will require additional time to verify and count absentee ballots as well as double checking those who voted with electronic voting machines. Needless to say, election night will most likely end without a clear winner.

According to election officials, many voters are entirely unaware of the fact that more time is needed to officially announce a winner. Right now, we don’t know exactly how long that could take but the Associated Press reports it could be days.

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