‘Erratic’ passenger arrested after flight from Orlando to Philadelphia, police say

Man on American Airlines flight did not have weapon, police say

A man is in custody Thursday after airline officials say he exhibited “erratic behavior” on an American Airlines flight from Orlando, including attempting to speak with the pilot prior to landing.

Philadelphia police said the incident happened around 9:18 a.m. on American Airlines Flight 2392 from Orlando International Airport to Philadelphia International Airport.

During the flight the crew became aware of a customer “exhibiting erratic behavior and making alarming statements,” according to American Airlines.

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Initially police said a male passenger tried to get into the cockpit area but after a preliminary investigation determined the man did not attempt to break into the cockpit.

“The subject allegedly told one of the flight attendants that he wanted to speak with the pilot upon approach, approximately 80 miles out from PHL - and then subsequently ran back to his seat,” police said. “One male flight attendant and one male passenger sat with this subject until landing. At no point did the subject attempt to leave his seat for the duration of the flight.”

The customer did not try to breach the flight deck door, according to American Airlines. He was secured on board and the plane landed safely and parked at Gate C24 in Philadelphia, police said.

“The cabin crew took precautionary measures and monitored the customer who remained seated for the remainder of the flight,” a spokesperson for American Airlines said in an email. “Upon arrival at the gate, Philadelphia Police met the aircraft and placed the individual in custody.”

Data from flight tracker FlightAware shows the plane departed Orlando at 7:18 a.m. and arrived in Philadelphia at 9:30 a.m.

No one was injured and the man did not have a weapon, according to authorities. The man was taken into custody by Philadelphia police at the airport without incident.

Police did not say why the person wanted to speak with the pilot.

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