Attorney for family of man killed by Orlando police questioning body camera video

State Attorney’s Office not seeking charges against officers

ORLANDO, Fla. – The attorney representing the family of Kevin Aldophe is questioning the evidence in the fatal officer involved shooting that happened earlier this year.

The fatal shooting happened on February 18 at the Summerfield apartments.

Attorney Carlus Haynes said he looked over the evidence compiled by investigators.

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“We reached the conclusion that OPD deliberately, and I’m going to say this clear as day, deliberately manipulated some of that evidence in order to justify the shooting,” Haynes said.

Last week, the State Attorney’s Office announced it isn’t seeking charges against the officers and said the shooting was justified.

News 6 obtained body camera videos from police. OPD’s forensic video analyst compiled three angles to show what happened the day of the fatal shooting.

Police said it started when they saw the 22-year-old in a stolen vehicle. Investigators said Aldophe was also accused of burglarizing an apartment.

Officers chased after Aldophe. Investigators said at some point during the chase they opened fire.

According to the SAO’s letter declining prosecution, investigators said Aldophe fired at officers first, but Haynes doesn’t believe that happened.

“There was nothing in the report indicating there was any gunshot residue on either of his hands,” Haynes said.

He is also questioning how investigators compiled the body camera videos. He said the audio of Aldophe allegedly firing his gun first came from an officer’s camera who wasn’t there at the time the shooting allegedly happened.

“Basically, they took the sound and tried to match it up and they were of the belief that he discharged his firearm,” Haynes said.

OPD’s body cameras capture 60 seconds before the officer presses record. That is called a “pre-event,” but there is no audio in that first minute.

The forensic video analyst wrote in the report he synchronized all three body camera videos. He wrote in the report, “The sound of the first shot, which was recorded by Officer Hayles' BWC is synchronized to the precise ‘pre-event’ moment when Officer Madison’s BWC depicts Mr. Aldophe firing his weapon.”

Aldophe’s sister said they’re still left with questions.

“We’re just confused right now and we need to know what’s going on and we need justice for my brother,” Alexandra Aldophe said.

News 6 contacted OPD for comment regarding the claims. A spokesperson said the findings from the investigation are their side of the story.

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