Orlando couple honors victims of COVID-19 with more than 220,000 light display

Each light represents a life lost to the virus

ORLANDO, Fla. – An Orlando couple is honoring those who lost their battle with COVID-19 through their holiday display.

“We sit out here every night and look at the people pass by and look at the lights and there’s not a night that we don’t cry,” Frank Boyce said when he and his husband, David Nubar think about the victims of the pandemic.

“It’s sad and moving but worth recognizing all those folks that are no longer here,” David Nubar said.

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They’re recognizing the victims by memorializing them with more than 220,000 Christmas lights placed all around their home.

The couple put the lights up in October. It was during that time the U.S. recorded more than 220,000 deaths-- the death toll is represented in their display. As of Wednesday, more than 240,000 have died in the U.S.

Every night since Nov. 2 they’ve been honoring the victims.

“We asked ourselves based on what’s been going on with COVID 19 and the tragedy that it’s cost, what can we do special this year to honor those that are lost?” Nubar said.

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