Trust Index: No proof of voter fraud with election certification days away

Lawsuit losses continue to grow for Trump campaign

President Donald Trump’s window to try and use the courts to overturn the 2020 election results is closing quickly. On Dec. 8, election controversies must be settled -- or they are considered final.

The president has alleged voting fraud with no evidence and so far has had a string of court losses to prove it.

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New this week, the U.S. Attorney General Bill Barr, who Trump appointed, said there was no widespread fraud.

In the last few weeks, Trump has kept a low profile in person, but Wednesday released a 46-minute recorded video on social media, still refusing to concede and continuing to claim voting fraud with no evidence.

“This may be the most important speech I’ve ever made,” Trump said.

Trump has repeated the sentiment non-stop on Twitter claiming a “rigged election” and “total corruption.”

But as Trump and his supporters attempt to portray his loss as still being disputed, his losses keep racking up.

Also this week, Arizona’s Republican governor certified President Elect Joe Biden the winner.

Even after a Trump recount in Wisconsin, the chairman of the Wisconsin election commission certified Biden the winner as well.

The Wisconsin Supreme Court on Thursday declined to take up a challenge to the presidential election filed by Trump’s campaign,

Trump called on Georgia’s republican governor to help him “win the state” after the republican secretary of state certified Biden the winner.

Leroy Pernell is a professor of law at Florida A&M college of law.

“Look, we’re still dealing with the problem that there is no proof of any wrongdoing,” Pernell said.

He points to the slew of lawsuits Trump’s team have filed around the country that have been dismissed, including one from a Philadelphia appellate court last week.

The dismissal came with strong reprimands, “charges require specific allegations and then proof,” a judge wrote. “We have neither here.”

“Without any sustained victories at this point in the legal system, it also is very hard for me to imagine that there is an issue that the United States Supreme Court would step into,” Pernell said.

This week another blow for Trump. U.S. Attorney General Bill Barr, who was appointed by Trump, and has been one of his biggest allies, told the Associated Press the U.S. Justice Department has not seen fraud that could have effected a different outcome in the election.

News 6 political analyst Jim Clark points to Trump’s Election Defense Fund.

“Remember, President Trump is also raising money,” Clark said.

“Under the terms of the money being raised, he gets to keep most of it for a political action committee,” Clark said. “So every day that goes by and he keeps this alive, he’s taking in a few million dollars.”

Based on interviews with a law professor, our political analyst, as well as dismissed lawsuits and a statement from the Attorney General, we give the president’s claim of widespread voter fraud, Not True on the Trust Index.

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