Drivers should begin seeing benefits of I-4 interchange in downtown Orlando

New design is used to move traffic more efficiently

ORLANDO, Fla. – Drivers are beginning to see the effects of a finished redesign to an often-congested interchange at Interstate 4 in downtown Orlando.

On Tuesday, workers with the Florida Department of Transportation opened a single-point urban interchange, or SPUI, at Colonial Drive underneath the I-4 overpass.

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The new configuration is part of the I-4 Ultimate Project and allows left-hand turns to proceed simultaneously while being controlled by one traffic signal.

According to project leaders, the design is used to move a large amount of traffic safely and efficiently through an intersection that has limited space.

Lisa Herrman, who works in Orlando, said she usually tries to avoid the interchange, but the redesign might change her mind.

“It sounds like a good idea,” she said. “I think it will help control and make it less dangerous.”

Looped ramps at the interchange were previously closed in 2019 and have since been replaced with more direct access to I-4.

With one signal now controlling movement on and off the interstate, FDOT said the intersection will be able to accommodate more vehicles with reduced congestion.

A SPUI was also opened at the interchange of State Road 436 and I-4 on Dec. 19.

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