Surprise visits planned for kids with diabetes

Type Zero Foundation created new holiday traditions

A nonprofit dedicated to supporting children and families living with diabetes started new traditions this holiday season.

Christina Martin has been advocating for children and families with diabetes through her nonprofit the Type Zero Foundation since 2016.

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Her work was recognized in 2019 during Children’s Congress, where she openly discussed her diagnosis of Type One diabetes with lawmakers.

“You have to ask yourself if you’re going to let it define you, or if you’re going to now use it to make you stronger and make you better,” Martin said.

The Type Zero Foundation made some significant changes during the Coronavirus pandemic, including making their member meet-ups virtual, and supplying gift cards to members for groceries.

“Diabetics and people that have a loved one with diabetes they’re trying to be extremely careful, with you know being exposed to COVID, because it could be deadly for people that have any form of diabetes,” Martin said.

Martin said the organization works with more than 370 people in Central Florida with both Type One and Type Two diabetes. During the holidays the group started surprising their members with socially distant dances at their doorsteps.

“One elf and their elf buddy are going to be making these surprise visits,” Martin said.

Because of their success over the holidays, the Type Zero Foundation will be planning more socially distant visits for members in the future.