Casselberry Vice Mayor won’t step down after controversial comments day before Capitol riots

Mark Busch also voted to remove himself from serving on any committees

CASSELBERRY, Fla. – The Casselberry City Commission met on Monday to discuss recent controversy involving the City’s Vice Mayor Mark Busch.

Vice Mayor and commissioner Mark Busch said that he has spoken with several members of the community in the past couple of weeks and would like to create a community forum.

Busch also voted to remove himself from serving on any committees, however, he said he does not plan on resigning from the commission.

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“I’ve actually had a number of really good conversations with people in the city this week, and some of the accused also. I think we made some progress,” Busch said.

The calls for his removal from office follow a comment Busch made in a video titled “Our Commissioner is a Patriot.”

“He’s going to have 1 to 2 million people sitting outside the Capitol. They better do the right thing,” Busch said in the video. “They’re foaming at the mouth mad right now. They got the pitchforks, and they got the torches and if they don’t do what they should be doing, watch out. All bets are off.”

Busch did release a statement last week, claiming he did not identify himself as a public official and was there as a private citizen. He added that he was “sorry,” but “grateful” his comments spark such a conversation.

Emily Orey started a petition calling for Busch to resign. She said that it now has more than 1,600 signatures.

“They really are just disgusted by someone that is supposed to represent our community as a whole,” said Orey.

The city commission also considered a motion to hire a private attorney to collect the fact and present them to the board. However, since the board does not have the authority to remove Busch, it was determined to tax dollars would be best spent elsewhere.

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