‘Be That:’ Educator empowers students, others through coaching, mentoring

Roneisha Randall says idea came to her while going through personal challenges

A new organization launched by a veteran educator empowers youth and women through coaching and mentoring.

ORLANDO, Fla. – A new organization launched by a veteran educator empowers youth and women through coaching and mentoring.

Roneisha Randall said the idea for “Be That” came to her in 2016, when she was going through a series of life challenges and realized she is happiest while helping others.

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“And then just being a woman, you know, a woman who’s had her own journey and experienced disappointment, but who’s also experienced success,” she said.

Randall says one of her messages to young girls is that the sky is the limit, and it’s OK if your life doesn’t turn out as you envisioned.

“So when we come up with all these grandiose ideas of what tour life will look like, we actually end up limiting ourselves. When we go through different experiences and it takes us on a different journey, we look at it as negative, not realizing the destination is going to be more than we could think or ever imagine. Even if you don’t go right, you know, and you end up making a left, you can still get to that destination you originally plan to get to. It may look different but may even be much better,” she said.

Randall is currently teaching a series on social media etiquette.

She says for parents, it’s important to remind children that social media is other people’s highlight reels. And before you post, ask yourself “W-H-Y.”

“Why am I posting this? That’s the ‘W.’ The ‘H’ is: How is this going to make people feel , right, and how is this going to impact people? And the ‘Y’ stands for: Years from now, will I be proud of this post? Will I be proud of how it represented me or whatever I was trying to convey to the public? And I told them as long as you remember that W-H-Y factor, you can’t go wrong!”

Randall works with students throughout the Central Florida community. She’s also looking for device donations for kids to use when she teaches social media classes. If you’d like to connect with her, visit her website at be-that.net.

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