Mobile clinic brings vaccines to Orlando-area employers

Walk On Clinic administers shots outside businesses using trailers

ORLANDO, Fla. – More than 120 employees and their family members will get vaccinated Tuesday outside their offices at Quality One Wireless in Orlando.

Walk On Clinic will be administering those vaccines using their mobile clinic.

“We had a lot of independent pharmacies and doctors’ offices reach out to us once they got their vaccines, because people weren’t going to their offices to get it,” said Walk On Clinic owner Chris Yarn.

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Yarn said his mobile clinics can bring the vaccines straight to employers, with the capability of administering up to 500 shots a day.

“It’s about making things convenient and accessible for people,” said Yarn. “You see a large increase in the number of people participating in these events when it’s conveniently accessible for them.”

Walk On Clinic has been administering flu shots and holding wellness exams in their mobile clinics for about four years. The company has eight mobile units, each one has four exam rooms with doctors and nurses that travel with them.

The rooms have exam tables, as well as all of the basic medical instruments you’ll see in your primary care doctor’s office.

The mobile clinics are solar powered off-grid, with generators for backup.

They also have the proper storage for the vaccines.

“The day before a vaccination event, we turn the unit on and we have fridge and freezer units for the vaccines,” said Dr. Bhavin Patel.

Quality One Wireless is one of the first companies in Orlando to offer vaccines on site. The event was set up by one of their healthcare benefits consultant J Donovan Financial. All of the vaccination appointments were filled within days.

“It’s super convenient to not have to take time off work. Other vaccination sites have been during working hours, if you’re a single parent, it’s not convenient and weekend slots are filling up,” said J Donovan Financial Co-Owner, Chelsea Whalley.

Walk On Clinic will return to the business in about three weeks for their second doses. The shots are covered, the only cost is for the mobile clinic’s service.

Yarn hopes more businesses will get on board offering health services like wellness checks and COVID shots right outside their office to make it more convenient for their employees.

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Crystal Moyer is a morning news anchor who joined the News 6 team in 2020.