More victims come forward in scheme using Uber drivers, Volusia sheriff says

$100,000 lost to scam artists, Mike Chitwood says

VOLUSIA COUNTY, Fla. – The Volusia County sheriff said his office is now investigating five cases in what they’re calling a bizarre scam. The sheriff said schemers are using Uber drivers to collect money from victims and bring it to them.

Sheriff Mike Chitwood said between the now five people in Volusia County who fell victim, they’ve lost about $100,000 to scam artists.

“As the job comes in, we jump all over it. We have some excellent fraud investigators,” he said.

He said investigators are at a stand-still, though. He said Uber has not responded to subpoenas his office sent for payment and user information.

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News 6 reached out to the company and received the following statement:

“Uber strictly prohibits the use of the Uber app to commit crimes of any kind. The safety of our drivers is our top priority and we are working with law enforcement to help put an end to these scams.”

“We’re at their mercy. We’re talking almost a month ago and they still have refused to cooperate,” he said.

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