Orlando man still experiencing COVID-19 symptoms 1 year after waking from coma

Kevin Rathel said COVID-19 brain is real

ORLANDO, Fla. – One year ago, an Orlando man woke up from a COVID-19 coma after receiving convalescent plasma.

Kevin Rathel said COVID-19 brain is real.

When we first learned about Kevin and Stacie Rathel, it was because they had just gone through some of the worst days of their lives.

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It was April 2020 and the Orlando couple had both been feeling pretty lousy. At the time, their symptoms were consistent with what the coronavirus had been doing to other people. The couple went to Orlando Health to get answers.

“Well he had trouble breathing, I didn’t have.. it didn’t hit me quite in that way,” Stacie Rathel said.

Whatever it was, it had manifested itself differently in Kevin Rathel. While Stacie Rathel went home to recover from what was a bad flu, doctors at Orlando Health admitted Kevin, saying he was too sick to go home.

“They started treating him for pneumonia,” Stacie Rathel said.

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