Neighbors saving neighbors: Man creates volunteer program to provide lifesaving aid in The Villages

Connects CPR/AED trained volunteers to the local 911 dispatch

THE VILLAGES, Fla. – Once a month Lew Simon makes the short walk through his garage, to the side of his house.

“See that box,” he says, pointing to the square metal frame bolted to his wall. “That’s the AED. It’s mounted, it’s locked and it’s weatherproof.”

The Automated Defibrillator Device may be hidden behind a hedge but it’s clear Simon is proud to have it close by.

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Simon needs to check the battery strength. He never knows when it will be needed.

“It still has roughly 30 shocks left in it,” Simon says after flipping the box open to inspect it.

Simon is the President of the Neighbors Saving Neighbors program which connects CPR/AED trained volunteers to the local 911 dispatch using ReadyAlert.

“That’s what the program is. It’s neighbors saving neighbors,” Simon said from his home in The Villages. “At the same time the paramedics get the tone, the neighbors that are trained get it. They live nearby and they can get there in about a minute. That makes a difference of four, five or six minutes of CPR being done.”

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