Historical church in Orlando may begin restoration efforts soon after 2019 roof collapse

Black Bottom House of Prayer gets approval for pre-development loan

Historical church may begin restoration efforts soon after roof collapse
Historical church may begin restoration efforts soon after roof collapse

ORLANDO, Fla. – The Black Bottom House of Prayer will finally start seeing some progress of restoration after its roof collapsed at the end of 2019.

Pastor Dana Jackson says it was her faith that kept her going as she waits for her church to be restored and says after all this time help is finally on its way.

“Emotionally, I just want to shout right now, I was crying but now I want to shout because I see some progress.”

Pastor Jackson said reconstruction efforts are about to start.

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“We recently have been pre-approved for a pre-development loan,” Jackson said

The income-based loan comes as a miracle, according to Jackson.

The church located in the Paramore community didn’t qualify for the loan to pay for the entire building to be fixed at once, but instead it will have to be rebuilt in phases.

“We plan to do three phases, so the first phases will be the back offices where we were originally having church when the roof collapsed in the fellowship hall and so there are seven offices there, six offices upstairs and one downstairs,” Jackson said.

Pastor Jackson said they are just restoring the building so that it can keep its historical status.

This does present a challenge of cost according to the church which said it looking for more help so that it can continue to serve the community.

“We need a miracle, we need miracle money simple as that,” Jackson said.

The timeline for reconstruction efforts is still being drawn up at this time, Black Bottom House of Prayer says it’s looking for grant writers to help fund its reconstruction phases.

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