Florida medical and hospital associations release PSA to encourage vaccinations

Florida hospitals nearing 17,000 COVID-patients, 90% are unvaccinated

ORLANDO, Fla. – Statewide medical associations released a public service announcement Thursday on television and radio to encourage more people to get vaccinated.

The minds behind the PSA say the motivation is in the numbers due to the rising number of COVID-related hospitalizations with a majority of those patients unvaccinated. Health care officials are concerned.

The PSA was from both the Florida medical and hospital associations.

The Florida Hospital Association represents over 200 hospital systems statewide.

In the 60-second PSA, nurse Juana Diaz explains, “We’re still in the same circumstances that we were when there wasn’t a vaccine. Where you’re watching people just pass away. You know, and just -- it’s so devastating to watch unfold.”

FHA President Mary Mayhew emphasized the PSA saying people need to take heed of the dangers of the Delta variant of COVID-19.

“That’s why we felt so strongly doing these public service announcements to really convey the severity of this virus as it is attacking now a much younger age group, putting them in the hospital, in intensive care,” Mayhew said.

According to FHA, hospitals are just shy of 17,000 COVID-patients, 90% of those patients are unvaccinated. Couple that with staffing shortages Mayhew said it’s putting a strain on hospital workers.

“The impact that is having,” Mayhew said. “The trauma that they are experiencing because of this is significant and we are trying to get our arms around the level of support and resources that will need to be dedicated to our healthcare heroes.”

Heroes are now sharing their stories from the front lines to urge Floridians to get results and get vaccinated.

“We had someone in her 30s, a young mommy. She left her husband and three little kids, ages four, two, eight. They’re saying, ‘Mommy, come home. Mommy, I miss you.’ She’s not saying anything because she’s intubated,” said Diaz.

The Florida Hospital Association says going forward they will be looking at more ways to help health care workers as they continue to fight the surge of COVID-cases and hospitalizations.

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