#MilkCrateChallenge produces hard falls, few successes in latest viral challenge

Cringe-worthy failed attempts fill the internet

#MilkCrateChallenge video goes viral when woman successfully completes it in heels. (@dee_goodz/Twitter)

There’s seemingly not a day that goes by without a new viral internet challenge.

And the latest one has been producing a lot of painful fails -- and the internet is here for it.

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The viral #MilkCrateChallenge may seem easy, but one look at all the failed attempts and you may be changing your mind.

The goal of the challenge is to successfully climb over a freestanding stack of milk crates set up as stairs that go up and then back down.

The first step is one milk crate, then two crates and so on up to six crates at the peak before the stacks go back down to one.

Groups gather together, throw money into a winner’s pot and the climbing begins. The person that gets up and down, touching every step without falling, wins the money.

Sounds simple, right? Not so fast. As the higher you get the more unstable the crates get.

This woman completed the challenge in heels, making it easier than it looks. The video has gone viral with more than 1.3 million views in just 11 hours as of Monday morning.

While it’s not known exactly how many people have successfully crossed over into a big payday, the number of successful videos pales in comparison to fail videos.

While these two guys were successful, would you count them as winners since they helped each other across the top?

The falls look so bad I’m not sure why anyone would ever give this a shot. Watch a few below and see if you’re up for attempting internet fame.

And now for a few more bad attempts that will hopefully talk you out of running to your nearest grocery story in search of milk crates.