McDonald’s changing up its prizes in Happy Meals. Here’s how

3D paper-based toys to be offered starting in 2022

McDonald’s is making more changes to its Happy Meal.

The fast-food giant announced Tuesday that it would greatly lessen the use of plastics in its happy meal toys worldwide.

Starting in 2022, children can expect other prizes, like 3-D paper-based items.

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The Happy Meal made its debut in 1979 and has evolved over the decades, including the introduction of healthier food options a few years ago.

In 2019, two girls from Great Britain started a petition toward McDonald’s and Burger King, asking the restaurants to stop handing out plastic toys due to environmental concerns.

The movement went viral, gathering more than 500,000 signatures.

McDonald’s took action shortly afterward in the U.K. and France by no longer handing out Happy Meal toys made out of non-recycled plastic.

Burger King pledged in 2019 to get rid of non-biodegradable plastic toys worldwide before 2026.