Space Launch System, Starship, highlight mega year ahead in space

2022 targets new milestones toward putting astronauts back on the moon

BREVARD COUNTY, Fla. – As the historic year of spaceflight closes, 2022 will target new achievements.

The first Artemis rocket, the Space Launch System, could launch by the spring.

NASA astronaut Tom Marshburn discussed the future of space this month from the International Space Station.

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“Developing new devices that are going to help us go to the moon and stay at the moon and to go on to Mars,” Marshburn said.

Mars is the eventual goal of the SpaceX Starship, with plans in 2022 for its first orbital flight of the Earth.

Two more SpaceX astronaut missions to the International Space Station are planned for 2022, as NASA’s other Commercial Crew partner, Boeing, hopes to finally pass the test flight of its astronaut capsule, the Starliner.

Before another Crew Dragon blasts off, the first fully-private astronaut mission to the space station, the crew of Axiom-1, could dock in March.

“The more people that get up to see the Earth from space, the better off the Earth will be because people will really have an understanding, have a better understanding of how thin the atmosphere is for our human existence,” NASA astronaut Mark Vande Hei said.

Learning more about our existence, in six months, NASA said the James Webb space telescope’s first images could glimpse the dawn of time.

“The universe is this 13.8 billion year story and we’re missing some key paragraphs in the very first chapter,” NASA astrophysicist Amber Starughn told CBS News. “We will hopefully be able to see those first galaxies for the very first time,” she said.

The new year should also show us the impact of NASA’s planetary defense mission test.

The DART spacecraft should reach the asteroid in the fall, weeks before Blue Origin could launch its new rocket, New Glenn, from its new Cape launch pad.

United Launch Alliance is also planning to launch a brand new rocket, the Vulcan Centaur, in 2022.

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