🔓Slugging and #LubePrimer: Do these TikTok beauty trends work?

Beauty expert says some beauty trends are not new but old-age regimens

ORLANDO, Fla. – We’ve all probably tried something new in the name of self-improvement, especially when it comes to appearance.

Influencers are taking to the social media platform TikTok to show off some unique and downright disturbing beauty trends and they are going viral.

What is slugging?

“Consider a snail rolling down the street and the extra yucky it leaves behind. That’s slugging. Adding all of that extra product, as much as your pillowcase can take,” said Psyche Terry, CEO of UI Global Brands.

Slugging is a trend that’s going viral on TikTok. Influencers are packing on the petroleum jelly and letting it sit overnight, showing off their porcelain-looking faces.

“Slugging is a thumbs up, but we have to do it the right way. It’s an age-old recipe that my great-grandmother talked about. It’s for people with dry skin or eczema-prone skin,” Terry said.

Terry is a beauty boss as CEO of UI Global Brands, a manufacturer of skincare products focused on natural ingredients. She was also recently crowned America’s Most Beautiful 2022 Mrs. Texas. She said slugging can improve dry skin, but petroleum jelly is not the way to go.

“If you need care for your skin overnight, use a night cream. Just focus on the areas under your eyes face and nose, that is what night cream is for,” Terry said.


What about #LubePrimer? One TikTok video received more than 7 million views as a woman applies intimate lubricant on her face before applying makeup. The idea is that it would trap in moisture creating a barrier between skin and makeup.

“People, read the ingredients. Don’t do it! It’s not plant-based, it’s not natural, you’ll cause more of a problem with acne,” Terry said.

Terry said there are a variety of face primers and moisturizers that can be used under makeup to help maintain skin health.


Terry said she’s giving thumbs up to the recent beauty trend, bathscaping. She said bathscaping is creating a calming vibe in the bathroom with candles and spending hours soaking in the tub.

“I’m for it, especially with the Valentine’s Day holiday coming up. Just taking time for you. If you look up #shower or #bathtime on TikTok, there’s so many pictures of just taking ‘me time.’ I’m all about a good bubble bath, something that’s refreshing and not drying your skin out, especially if you’re spending hours in the water,” Terry said.

No-heat curlers

TikTokers are also using household items to curl their hair overnight, instead of using heat that could be damaging to hair. Terry said it’s a great idea to take a softer approach to curlers.

“Taking your hair and rolling it in a sock and tying it up and leaving socks all over your hair at night. I think it’s a pretty comfy way of going to sleep,” Terry said.

When it comes to beauty trends posted online, Terry shared this message.

“Don’t try everything you see and read on TikTok at home,” Terry said.

While some of these trends may seem to work on some people, Terry said it’s important to focus on the ingredients you’re using and what you’re putting on your body. She said if you are having skin issues it’s best to consult a dermatologist to get the best products for your specific skin type.

If you have dry skin, Terry’s company Urban Hydration has natural skincare products you can find at some local stores like Walgreens, Publix, Sally Beauty and Target.

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