Florida drivers change behaviors as gas prices rise, AAA says

Average price Thursday $3.73 a gallon nationally, $3.62 in-state, organization says

Gas pump

From driving less often to combining trips, more Floridians are changing how they drive to save money on gas, according to the latest AAA survey.

The automobile agency said Russia’s attack on Ukraine is adding to an already tight global oil market as sanctions knock Russian fuel off the market. To add to the pressure, OPEC said it would not ramp up production.

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AAA said oil is now above $110 a barrel for the first time in a decade, and continues to rise. It could lead to a 40 to 50-cent jump in gas prices. The current average price for a gallon of regular as of Thursday is $3.73 nationally, $3.62 in-state, the organization said.

The survey done by AAA said 54% of Florida drivers would change driving behaviors, while 18% said they would not regardless of how high gas prices go.

These are the top ways Floridians are changing their driving habits because of rising gas prices, according to AAA:

  • 39% are driving less often
  • 27% are driving shorter distances
  • 22% are combining trips and errands
  • 18% are taking part in fuel rewards programs

Carpooling is another way drivers can save money on fuel. AAA also suggests maintaining your vehicle to ensure optimal fuel economy, shopping around for cheaper gas, slowing down and avoiding aggressive driving, because speeding reduces fuel economy.

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