🤼‍♂️Seminole County SOE body-slammed by former WWE Superstar -- for good cause

‘Nole/Hound Throwdown postponed to August 6, benefits Lyman and Seminole High athletics departments

It’s all about creating opportunities and making athletics more appealing to high school students -- or just getting out some aggression and enjoying some wrestling pros duke it out in the ring with county leaders.

“You can’t be afraid, you got to be able to step up,” said Seminole County Supervisor of Elections Chris Anderson.

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News 6 was there as Anderson was body-slammed and put in a chokehold by former WWE Superstar Matt Morgan, who also serves as a Longwood City Commissioner.

“The Blueprint” is coming out of retirement for a good cause. The two will be wrestling in matches alongside other pros, like AEW tag-team Austin and Colten Gunn, as well as former WWE superstar Stevie Richards in The ‘Nole/Hound Throwdown fundraiser. Money raised will benefit athletic departments for both Lyman and Seminole high schools.

“We need new batting cages at Lyman High School (and) our girls’ softball team needs a new scoreboard,” said Morgan.

Anderson said the schools also need safety equipment.

“You want to make sure our young people have the proper equipment they need to continue onto high education and sports,” said Anderson.

Both Anderson and Morgan said they grew up participating in sports. For Morgan, it was life-changing.

“I grew up in special education. Completely ostracized because I was a foot taller than everybody else. I looked like Big Bird. I was super goofy and I was very insecure because I had a speech impediment disorder,” said Morgan. “It wasn’t until the advent of sports was introduced to me that I felt comfortable. I gained new friends, legitimate friends.”

With more funding for the athletic departments at Lyman and Seminole high schools, Morgan hopes more students will be attracted to joining a team.

“I learned work ethic through sports, and these are lessons these kids are going to take with them through life and apply,” said Morgan.

Both Morgan and Anderson have been putting in sweat practicing for the big matches and are ready to get in the ring.

“I see an opportunity to utilize the resources we have to come together and do something really cool and entertaining,” said Anderson.

“Guests can expect what they always expect out of me, this size 18 boot being firmly planted where the sun don’t shine against my unlucky opponent that evening,” said Morgan.

The Blueprint always has to finish with his signature move, “The Big Boot.”

The ‘Nole/Hound Throwdown has been postponed to August 6th at Lyman high school at 6 p.m. Tickets are $10 and organizers said 100% of the tickets sales go directly to Seminole and Lyman high school athletic departments.

Recent Statement from Matt Morgan:

“Like the saying goes, “when it rains, it pours”! And in this case, boy did it pour! I wanted to make sure everybody knows we are postponing our “Nole-Hound Throwdown” Pro wrestling fundraiser event, to now take place on August 6th, at Lyman HS gymnasium at 6PM! We had some unfortunate circumstances where a few of our performers got injured and would not be able to make the event. And if that’s not bad enough, I tore my own rotator cuff in the gym, and will not be able to wrestle for another month and a half, to two months.

But even with those injuries, we were still going to have this event. But after speaking to the 2 school Principals, they felt it would be better if we had it as a “back to school” event, where all of our kids and families will be coming back to school. Because if we continued to have this on May 14, most of our kids are going to be studying for final exams, and getting ready for their graduation. The entire goal of this event is to raise as much money as humanly possible, for our Seminole High School Sanford & Lyman High School - Seminole County Florida Athletic departments! So the more people that purchase tickets, obviously that’s the more money those two athletic departments will receive. So if having it on August 6, gives us the best opportunity to do just that, then that’s what we have to do!

I’ve already spoken to Principal Mike Hunter of Lyman, who said that everybody that has already purchased a ticket, will be fully refunded their $10 back. He said Refunds will be processed automatically via the GoFan.co link that you all purchased your tickets on. But With that said, I am very hopeful, that many of you that were looking forward to coming to this event on May 14, and purchased your tickets, will be willing to purchase tickets again when we re-create a new post with the link to purchase those tickets, now for August 6!!  In about two weeks from now, I will create another post with that link, to purchase tickets for the new August 6 date. The event will still take place at Lyman gymnasium, at 6 PM but on August 6!

I’d like to thank both Seminole and Lyman high school’s for handling the ticket link, purchases, and refunds for this event! I also like to thank AEW superstars The Gunn Club (Colten & Austin) , as well as WWE/ECW legend, Stevie Richards for being willing to work with us on the change of date! I’d also like to thank Local Pro Wrestling owner Les, for being willing to make sure that we have a ring and more talents for the upcoming August 6 show as well! I Hope to see all you out there at Lyman, on August 6th at 6pm!!!”

About the Author:

Crystal Moyer is a morning news anchor who joined the News 6 team in 2020.