Arbitrator rules terminated UCF professor to be reinstated

Dr. Charles Negy was fired in 2021 for alleged misconduct, harassment and discrimination

University of Central Florida Associate Professor of Psychology Dr. Charles Negy is to be reinstated after an abrupt termination last year.

ORLANDO, Fla. – University of Central Florida Associate Professor of Psychology Dr. Charles Negy is to be reinstated after an abrupt termination last year involving claims of misconduct.

After being fired, he took his case to an arbitrator, who ruled in his favor.

Article 16.7 of the Collective Bargaining Agreement notes a tenured appointment, or any appointment of definite duration may be terminated during its term for just cause.

The arbitration award stated the university violated article 16.7 (of the collective bargaining agreement) in that there was not just cause to terminate Dr. Negy on January 29, 2021. It says the remedy is full reinstatement, with tenure, compensation and benefits fully restored to that in effect as of the termination date.

“I’ve done nothing wrong,” Dr. Negy said.

He received this termination letter listing the reasons he was being fired.

“I tweeted some things that offended people and so the mob, the social [media] mob descended upon UCF demanding I be fired,” Dr. Negy said.

In 2020, Dr. Negy Tweeted “Black privilege is real.” Many students called for his resignation and urged UCF to take action.

“Black privilege is real: Besides affirm. action, special scholarships and other set asides, being shielded from legitimate criticism is a privilege,” he posted in a now-deleted Tweet.

The professor told News 6 reporter Treasure Roberts he loves controversial topics, and he believes a good professor challenges students’ beliefs.

He said his views and beliefs on twitter and in the classroom are not a form of discrimination.

“Just because you’re offended by what is being said — because you disapprove of it — that does not constitute harassment or discrimination,” he said.

Dr. Negy said he does not think he was fired for his controversial tweet, but he does believe it gave school officials ammunition to do so.

He claimed school officials targeted him because he refuses to conform to the university’s “ideology.” He said the university promotes diversity, equity, and inclusion, — but he believes in equality.

“He took advantage of the Twitter scandal and ordered a massive investigation into my entire 22-year career, hoping to cobble together as many things as possible to try to justify firing me,” Dr. Negy said.

He also elaborated about the school’s claim that he failed to report a student who disclosed she was sexually assaulted by one of his teaching aides in 2014.

The professor said two students told him the teaching assistant implied he wanted a romantic relationship with them. He said he asked the students if they were touched, and they said no.

“If a student tells me someone is talking romantically to them, and they tell me they didn’t touch them, I’m not obligated to report that,” Dr. Negy said.

He said he was not trained to report that at the time. He also questioned why it took the university more than six years to do something about it.

The university sent us this statement:

Dr. Negy has a message for students who may be upset about his return.

“Why don’t they pretend that they’re real university students and try to learn and be open to other views that don’t conform to their view? I want them in my class. I relish having an exchange with them,” he said.

Dr. Negy said the day he returns to the classroom is to be determined.

We asked if he planned to sue the school. He replied, “You’ll find out soon.”

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