South Daytona city council approves vaping, fireworks, building ordinances

The city council approved a variety of measures during its Tuesday meeting

SOUTH DAYTONA, Fla. – South Daytona’s city council approved several ordinances during its meeting Tuesday night, including amendments on smoking and vaping restrictions, fireworks sales and building height revisions.

Those ordinances include the following amendments:

  • Smoking (excluding unfiltered cigars) and vaping are prohibited within the city’s parks and recreation areas
  • Except for the guidelines in Florida Statute 791, people and companies may not sell or explode fireworks within the city
  • Fireworks may not be discharged in public rights-of-way, streets, parks or other public properties
  • People may not throw or propel fireworks in the direction of any other people or vehicles
  • Noise from firework activity must end at 11 p.m., and all debris from fireworks or sparklers must be collected immediately, disposed of in a solid waste container and placed for pick-up on the next available waste collection day
  • Building heights in the city have been raised from 50 feet to 75 feet to accommodate demand for taller ceilings

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Fireworks restrictions were put into effect due to the city’s police department noting that several streets were impassable due to large fireworks displays being set off in roadways, according to the city.

However, Florida Statute 791, which regulates the sale and use of fireworks, states that fireworks are not “solely and exclusively” prohibited during designated holidays, including New Year’s Day on Jan. 1, Independence Day on July 4 and New Year’s Eve on Dec. 31.

The smoking and vaping ordinance was approved during the Tuesday night meeting, though it is set for a second reading before being both approved and adopted.

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