Tricked out: These punny Halloween costumes are a treat

Find cheap, last-minute costume inspiration below

It should come as little surprise that retailers slash prices on Halloween costumes as soon as Halloween is over. (Sergio Dionisio/Getty Images)

Halloween is that time of year when people of all ages sift through the skeletons in their closet to piece together the perfect costume.

In the bat of an eye, the world makes way for witches, warlocks and the like, but the true hocus pocus of the holiday is finding a costume that doesn’t make your budget disappear.

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That’s where cheap puns come into play. You can mash a Spice Girls, Iron Man or social butterfly costume together in no time, much like the monsters in that one song we all know.

Witch-ever punny costume you end up going with, you might need to spell it out for some people, like we do below. Here’s a list of easy, cheap and pun-filled last-minute costume ideas.


I may or may not be partial to this one as someone who works in news, but you don’t need a degree or writing background to pull this costume off. All you need is a trench coat and a newspaper-themed outfit. Click here to see the final reveal.

Spice Girls

Need a quick and easy group costume? Why not consult your spice rack? Who needs Posh, Scary and Sporty Spice when you can have Turmeric, Sesame and Pumpkin Spice? To check out the costume, click here.

Spoiled Milk

You may not own an expensive smartphone, luxury car or designer clothes, but Spoiled Milk certainly does. Dress like a carton of your favorite whole, 2% or oat brand and dress it up with the fanciest accessories. Take a peek at an example here.

Social Butterfly

This metamorphosis is sure to get a lot of likes. Just spread those wings and paste your favorite social media sites and logos all over. Like this.


Let’s be honest. We’ve all wished we were Beyoncé at least once in our lives. Well, with a costume like this, bee-coming her has never been easier. You’ll be the buzz of the party with some insect wings and Queen Bey-inspired accessories. See for yourself.

Bag of Eminems

Eminem brings a whole new meaning to candy wrapper. You can channel him with just a few pictures of the real Slim Shady and a trash bag. How easy is that?

Cat’s Pajamas/Bee’s Knees

This couple’s costume is the cat’s meow and will have all your “I was born in the wrong era” friends impressed. All you need? Pajamas and cat ears for one costume and bee cutouts and knees for the other. See more here.

Iron Man (or Woman)

So many pun possibilities with this one. You can go the Periodic Table of Elements or household object route. Whatever you do, be sure to strike while the iron’s hot. Literally.

Ice, Ice, Baby

In need of a family costume for your baby’s first Halloween? Get ready to stop... collaborate and listen with this early ‘90s throwback. All you need is two ice-themed costumes and a baby. Like this family.

Greyhound Bus

And last but not least, get your pets in on the fun, too. And they will love you in spite of the puns you put them through, like this “Greyhound” Bus.

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