Here’s how to pick the perfect pumpkin at the patch

Be sure to thump the pumpkin to make sure it’s hollow and ripe

Today on the show, we visit a pumpkin patch! (Pixabay 2022, Pixabay 2022)

Picking the perfect pumpkin from the patch is no simple task, especially when there are so many to choose from.

When wandering the aisles between the plethora of orange gourds, you want to keep a few things in mind.

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According to, these cues will help you find your perfect pumpkin pair.

You want to look at color first and pick a pumpkin with a deep orange color.

Next, give that pumpkin a good thumb to make sure it’s hollow, which means it’s ripe.

Test to ensure the skin is hard by using your fingernail to press into the skin gently. You want to dent the pumpkin but not puncture it.

Also, check the stem to make sure it’s hard as that also is a sign that the pumpkin is ripe. The stem should be secure.

And then don’t forget to look at the bottom of the pumpkin to make sure it isn’t soft or mushy. A flat bottom is also key to keeping your pumpkin stable when carving.

And one last tip, don’t carve your pumpkin too soon in Florida because the humidity will turn it into a molded-out smelly pumpkin mess before Oct. 31 arrives.

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