👻 Costume consultants at Goodwill help find last-minute costumes, pieces

90% of profits go toward community, career programs

Halloween is just a few days away, but don't worry! If you haven't decided on what to wear, News 6 Insider Guide Crystal Moyer knows a great way to find your next costume. To make a long story short, it's all in the thrift.

ORLANDO, Fla. – Halloween is here and if you’re looking for some fall décor or a last-minute costume, Goodwill is a great place to start.

“We have everything from costumes that you can find in stores to fabulous and unique DIY costumes. We have costume consultants that can help you if you’re looking for something special,” Goodwill Vice President of Marketing Kim Praniewicz said.

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The costume consultation services are free and Goodwill even has “look books” to help find pieces in the store that can create different costume ideas.

It’s like a treasure hunt. Beyond the clothes on the racks you can find furniture, shoes and jewelry. Donated items getting a second chance with prices 50% or more off retail value.

“We have collectibles, designer bags and designer clothes,” Praniewicz said.

That’s what attracts shoppers like Jeanne Philbrick.

“I was just here about two months ago and couldn’t find what I wanted and came back today... and jackpot,” Philbrick said.

Philbrick held a hand full of shirts that were a steal!

“I found a Jacklyn Smith blouse and it’s really pretty. I just loved it the minute I saw it and I was surprised to see it’s Jacklyn Smith and only $5.99,” Philbrick said.

Some shoppers spend money at Goodwill to make money.

“I’m a reseller and I come here to buy cheap and sell higher,” Tim Curtis said.

Curtis is retired and said he’s made a business out of finding unique items at Goodwill.

“I came in here one day and found a Metallica T-shirt and it was a concert T-shirt worth a lot of money. I bought it and sold it online in two days and made a lot of money and it was on one of these racks,” Curtis said. “Here, I have a T-shirt by Queen. A collectible item. It goes for about $50 and you can buy T-shirts here for as little as $3.99.”

Shoppers may be a Goodwill for different reasons, but they’ll all be giving back with 90% of sales benefit their community.

“We help with job training, job placement, upscaling and providing 1,300 jobs right here in the six-county area that we serve,” Praniewicz said.

If you haven’t shopped at Goodwill before, here’s some words of wisdom from the thrifty shoppers.

“I’ve learned there are some very special items here, you just got to be patient and pick those out,” Curtis said.

“Come and really look around, take your time... slow and easy. That’s how you get the good stuff,” Philbrick said.

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