Rarity: Healthy baby girl born with tail

Doctors remove tail 2 months after girl’s birth

Photo by Gigin Krishnan on Unsplash (Unsplash)

A baby girl was born with a 2-inch tail despite no history of infections or radiation and two healthy parents, according to a case report in the Journal of Pediatric Surgery.

The girl, born in November in Mexico, was born with a tail described as “soft” and “covered in skin and fine hair” that protruded from near the center of her tailbone and had a “pointy” tip. The tail contained nerves and the girl would cry when her tail was pierced with a needle, the Jerusalem Post reported.

The girl was examined for several possible medical issues, but no abnormalities were found.

According to doctors, the girl’s mother had no pregnancy-related difficulties and the girl was born full-term. The girl has an older sibling, a healthy brother, from the same parents.

Two months after her birth, the girl was re-examined and doctors found that her tail had grown in proportion to the girl’s size.

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Doctors removed the tail and reconstructed the area with plastic surgery, the Post reported. The girl has not had any issues or complications.

It’s believed to be the first report of a human born with a tail in Mexico, but there have been nearly 200 other cases worldwide, including in France, Italy and Japan, the case report stated.

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