This Central Florida city ranks among best for gamers nationwide. Here’s why

Orlando comes in at No. 5 on list


Earlier this month, Privacy Journal released its list of the top 100 cities in the U.S. for gamers in 2023.

While cities like New York City and Raleigh, North Carolina placed at the top of the list, several Florida cities made the cut, including Orlando at the No. 5 spot.

The rankings took into account factors like livability, internet quality, retail access and educational opportunities in gaming-related industries.

While Orlando didn’t take the cake for livability and internet structure, it ranked second for access to gaming communities and seventh for educational opportunities.

Outside of Orlando, Tampa ranked No. 3 and Jacksonville placed No. 9, placing them squarely within the top 10 best cities.

Further down on the list, Miami took the No. 23 spot, Port St. Lucie came in at No. 84, and St. Petersburg ranked No. 85.

The full top 10 list ranks as follows:

Gaming Community
& Retail Access
Gaming Career
& Education
1New York City, NY45303355.1
2Raleigh, NC52101152.9
3Tampa, FL131092250.4
4Los Angeles, CA80658149.0
5Orlando, FL76732748.4
6Columbus, OH1813123647.0
7Frisco, TX196172946.7
8Austin, TX52436446.5
9Jacksonville, FL281979046.0
10Plano, TX21804045.9

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