Antisemitic activist seeks over $666K from Florida lawmaker after being called ‘Nazi’

Randy Fine said he was confronted by a member of an antisemitic group earlier this month

Florida Rep. Randy Fine announced earlier this month that he had been confronted by members of an antisemitic group on the way to a public speaking event. (Copyright 2023 by WKMG ClickOrlando - All rights reserved.)

BREVARD COUNTY, Fla. – A member of an antisemitic group in Florida is suing a state lawmaker after being called a “Nazi” earlier this month, according to court records filed on Monday.

The lawsuit — filed by Colby Frank of the antisemitic Goyim Defense League — says that Frank approached Florida Rep. Randy Fine on Oct. 4 over Fine’s support for House Bill 269.

Antisemitic activists organized near a speaking event Rep. Randy Fine was attending on Oct. 4, according to Fine. Image has been blurred due to offensive content. (Randy Fine)

Frank then challenged Fine, who is Jewish, to a debate about “Jewish political involvement in multiple progressive political theaters,” the lawsuit states.

According to Frank, Fine called him “scum, Nazi” and other names, adding, “You’re lucky I don’t punch you in the (expletive) face.”

After a continued back-and-forth with Fine, Frank and his cohorts left the area for nearly two hours, the lawsuit says.

Following the encounter, Fine announced that he had been “jumped” by a member of the GDL while attending a meeting for the Brevard Federated Republican Women in Cocoa.

Fine posted on social media that after the incident, he was considering the idea of making it legal to punch a Nazi.

As a result, Frank accused Fine of communicating “libelous and slanderous materials on (Twitter).”

He also accused Fine of making threats, cyber-intimidation and conspiring against rights, among other claims.

“Defendant Fine has a long history of conspiring with other political agents and agencies against protected free speech activities as well as abusing his position as a legislative representative to attack the voice of other political positions,” Frank’s lawsuit reads.

Frank claims in his lawsuit that thanks to his picture being spread in news stories covering the encounter, he now has “irreparable damage to character” that could impact his career prospects in the aerospace industry.

Due to this, court records show that Frank is seeking $666,666 in damages, and demands that Fine make a public apology and debate Frank live on Fox 35.

Earlier this year, Frank was among several antisemitic activists who threatened to sue Volusia County Sheriff Mike Chitwood after Chitwood held a news conference about their activities.

The activists filed notices of intent to sue Chitwood, claiming that his comments put them at risk.

“What their tactic is — the ‘master race’ is — is they filed a complaint against me with the Department of Justice, which went nowhere,” Chitwood announced after receiving the notices. “They filed an ethics complaint against me, which is going nowhere. So now, they have filed a frivolous lawsuit, furthermore, telling me I have to hold a press conference to talk about their group, and they’re demanding $100,000. So here’s the way I look at it: like you and your organization, you’re a bunch of pieces of (explicit).”

In that case, Frank also demanded an apology, a debate, and either $100,000 or “50 1 Oz of solid gold.”

In response, Chitwood said he would be mailing out pacifiers that read, “Mike Chitwood hurt my feelings” to each of the members who issue a notice.

News 6 has reached out to Randy Fine for comment on the recent lawsuit and is awaiting a response.

The full lawsuit can be read by scrolling down to the media viewer below.

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