These are the Thanksgiving foods Americans don’t want on their plates

Cranberry sauce? 31.49% of Americans say no thanks

Thanksgiving leftover recipes. (Pixabay , Pixabay 2022)

If there is no turkey at Thanksgiving, can it be called a Thanksgiving dinner?

What about sweet potatoes? Stuffing? Pumpkin pie? Cranberry sauce?

A survey put out by The Vacationer finds these are just some of the traditional Thanksgiving foods that people cannot stand.

The online survey of 1,013 adult Americans asked about traditional Thanksgiving foods people dislike.


The results found the following:

  1. Cranberry sauce: 31.49%
  2. Sweet potatoes or yams: 29.22%
  3. Green bean casserole: 28.04%
  4. Turkey: 27.74%
  5. Stuffing/dressing: 26.75%
  6. Ham: 25.57%
  7. Coleslaw: 25.57%
  8. Pumpkin pie: 24.28%
  9. Mashed potatoes: 18.66%
  10. Macaroni and cheese: 17.47%
  11. Carrots: 16.98%
  12. Apple pie: 16.29%
  13. Corn: 15.50%
  14. None of these: 13.82%

The survey’s author, Eric Jones, a professor of Mathematics and Statistics at Rowan College South Jersey, says this is the third year that cranberry sauce topped the list. The survey didn’t specify the preparation of the cranberry sauce.

Jones also noted that the youngest generation of Americans surveyed, those 18-29, were more likely to say they dislike a food for Thanksgiving compared to those over the age of 60. For instance, while only 6.7% of those aged 18-29 said they liked every food item on the survey, over 25% of those over 60 did.

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