Here’s where Florida ranked on the list of most dangerous states for driving

Rankings bases on number of fatal crashes

A Florida woman called 911 in 2009 saying she was stuck inside her car with the windows up in a Walgreen's parking lot. Her engine wouldn't start, and it was getting hot. The 911 operator's advice directed the woman to unlock the door and pull the door handle. The woman became free from the car. (cylonka Bsg/SXC)

ORLANDO, Fla. – If you live in or frequently visit the Sunshine State, you know Floridians are notoriously bad drivers but according to a recent study, there are actually more dangerous places to get behind the wheel.

Research conducted by Uplift Legal Funding, a lawsuit funding company, revealed that Texas topped the list of the most dangerous U.S. states to drive in, with more than 3,300 fatal car crashes recorded in 2018. The company said Texas' high number of deadly crashes could be largely in part due to its high 85-mph speed limit and the fact that the Lone Star State is home to I-45, the second most dangerous road in the country.

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Florida didn’t even claim the No. 2 spot, California did, racking up 3,259 fatal crashes and more than 3,500 deaths.

With 2,915 fatal crashes and 3,133 deaths, Florida took home the No. 3 spot on the most dangerous U.S. states for driving list.

While creating the rankings, Uplift Legal Funding researchers also considered factors like how many drivers involved in the crashes had a blood alcohol content level above the legal limit and seatbelt use data.

Despite having the highest number of deadly crashes, Texas had an observed seatbelt use of 90%, according to the Uplift Legal Funding report.

The safest state for driving, according to the list: Rhode Island, where only 56 fatal crashes and 59 deaths were reported.

View the map below or click here to see how other states ranked on the list.

Safest and most dangerous states for driving. (Source: Uplift Legal Funding) (WKMG)

Of course, any single traffic-related death is still one too many.

“Car crashes can be devastating for victims and their families, even when they aren’t fatal," said Jared Stern, owner of Uplift Legal Funding. "We feel that it is important that residents and visitors understand the seriousness of driving, even on roads they have driven every day of their lives, to try and keep everyone as safe as possible.”

As News 6 Traffic Safety Expert Steven Montiero says, driving is one of the most dangerous things you’ll ever do.

With that being said, make every effort to be the safest driver you can be every time you get behind the wheel.

And next time you hear someone talking smack about Florida drivers, just remember: You could be a Texas driver.