While gas prices increase in other states, cost of fuel in Florida remains steady

AAA expects Florida’s gas stations to have fuel again by middle of week

While gas prices increase in other states, Florida prices remain steady
While gas prices increase in other states, Florida prices remain steady

SEMINOLE COUNTY, Fla. – Steve Slechta filled up his truck at the Wawa in Casselberry on Monday and although he uses diesel, he’s happy to hear prices didn’t increase by much this week.

“Obviously, a smaller bump in price could make a big difference if you’re buying a lot at the same time,” Slechta said.

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According to AAA, Florida gas prices have held relatively steady after last week’s Colonial Pipeline outage led to panic buying in the South.

In Central Florida, long lines were seen at several gas stations and some even ran out of fuel because of people rushing to the pumps, but officials said there was never a gas shortage in Florida, since most of the state gets its fuel from ships and not the pipeline.

“A lot of people were being panicky and doing it unnecessarily was our feeling about it, so we just said, ‘Let’s just stay calm and it will be fine,’” Slechta said.

Right now, the state’s average price for gas is $2.89 per gallon, just one more cent from a week ago. Last month, gas was at $2.83 and the national average right now is $3.04.

AAA said state officials believe most Florida filling stations will have fuel again by the middle of the week.

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