Presidential candidates set up shop in Central Florida

Sanders, Bloomberg, Warren open offices in Orlando; President Trump launched e-election campaign here

ORLANDO, Fla. – A number of presidential candidates have opened offices in Central Florida, showing that despite the focus on Nevada this week, presidential candidates are already looking ahead to Florida.

“We are a grassroots group that came together and decided to pull our money and our time,” said Laura Hoffman, manager of a grassroots office for Sen. Bernie Sanders in Orlando.

Hoffman said they’ve opened up an office for Sanders, and while she said they aren’t affiliated with his official campaign, she said they are working closely with Sander’s team.

She adds that they were up and running on Saturday, ahead of the deadline to register for the March 17 primary.

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“We wanted to make sure that we got the word out for the voter registration before the deadline,” Hoffman said.

Florida is 28 days away from the primary, and the cutoff to register is midnight Wednesday.

Florida is a closed primary election state, meaning voters have to declare a political party in order to cast their vote.

While the Democratic candidates are focusing on Nevada ahead of the caucuses this Saturday, that hasn’t stopped some from laying the groundwork in Central Florida.

In the downtown, former New York City mayor, Mike Bloomberg, opened up an office on Orange Avenue.

Over on South Rio Grande Avenue, Sen. Elizabeth Warren has her Florida headquarters office.

President Donald Trump launched his re-election campaign in downtown Orlando, showing how important Florida is for both republicans and democrats trying to win the White House this November.

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