‘Politics has made us crazy:’ Rubio gives impassioned speech after Capitol revolt

4 die as Trump supporters occupy US Capitol

News 6 anchor Matt Austin breaks down what led to the riots on the Capitol on Wednesday.

WASHINGTON – U.S. Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla., gave an impassioned speech after Trump supporters breached the U.S. Capitol on Wednesday, leading to violent clashes and four deaths, including a woman who was killed by police.

“Democracy is very fragile,” Rubio said. “It’s not held together by elections, it’s held together by people’s confidence in the election and their willingness to abide by the results.”

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Rubio said voting against the election process is a “terrible idea,” before he recounted the violence.

“Somebody somewhere in this country got a phone call that their daughter was dead,” Rubio said. “Died in this Capitol, not far from where we are standing.”

The other three deaths were cited as “medical emergencies,” but no other details have been released.

Rubio then reminisced about his grandfather’s years in Cuba and seeing the country go through insurrections and military coups.

“What I saw today looks more like those countries than the extraordinary nation that I am privileged to call home,” he said.

“I think politics has made us crazy,” Rubio said. “Everybody in the country has lost their minds on politics. We have forgotten that America is not a government. America is not a president. America is not a Congress. America is your family, your faith, your community. That is how we are going to rebuild this country.”

Watch Rubio’s full speech below.

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