Thousands of meteors could dazzle the night sky Monday

NASA says it may peak around 1 a.m. Tuesday

Meteor shower (CNN Newsource)

Astronomers are forecasting a chance of a spectacular meteor storm late Monday night or early Tuesday morning.

The night sky on Memorial Day could be lit up by as many as 1,000 shooting stars in an hour or it could be a complete dud.

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Astronomers are hoping what they call the Tau Herculid meteor shower will be something extra special this year.

That’s because its parent comet has been disintegrating, which said could result in an otherworldly light show.

Some astronomers said the meteor storm, if it occurs, could even last an hour or two.

NASA’s Meteoroid Environment Office said the peak may be around 1 a.m. Tuesday and should be visible high in the sky over North America.

That is if the heavens cooperate.