Dog mascot at Ski World Orlando deemed dangerous

Australian shepherd bit woman's face


ORLANDO, Fla. – The dog mascot at Ski World Orlando has been deemed a dangerous animal after biting a woman's face, according to Orange County Animal Services.

Marley, a 9-year-old Australian shepherd, was a canine greeter at the Central Florida up until the bite occurred in August.

"While our back was turned the accuser entered the store and started aggressively grabbing the dogs. The dogs started growling when this person bear-hugged one of them - the dog kept trying to get away but was not released by the accuser. A witness has told us that the accuser was blowing on and trying to kiss the dogs on the nose while gripping their faces, even after they started squirming and growling. Because the accuser kept provoking the dogs, even after they clearly wanted to be released, the person was bitten, leaving them in need of stitches," Ski World Orlando officials posted on the company's Facebook page.

Marley's owner was fined $265 and the dog was ordered to attend pet classes.

On Tuesday, Orange County Animal Services officials said Marley was declared a dangerous dog, although the case is now in the appeals process.

Dogs that are deemed dangerous must be registered with the county and wear a dangerous dog identification tag that must be renewed annually. Marley has not been surrendered.

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