Voters should act fast to fix mail-in ballot issues

Hundreds of ballots need to be cured

Voters should act fast to fix mail-in ballot issues
Voters should act fast to fix mail-in ballot issues

LAKE COUNTY, Fla. – Lake County Supervisor of Elections Alan Hays said voters have until 5 p.m. on the Thursday to take action to fix their vote-by-mail ballot if there was a signature issue or error.

That fix comes in the form of what’s called a cure affidavit.

Hays said nearly 800 voters have cured their ballots so far, but he said they are still waiting on hundreds.

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“We have 618 that are outstanding,” Hays said.

But how can you tell if your ballot has a signature issue? Hays said voters can check online or call or email his office.

Additionally, he said his staff has been contacting voters who filled in their contact information on their ballot if there’s an issue.

He said they reach out via email, phone call or even a mailed letter to those voters whose ballots had an issue.

Hays said even if the voter doesn’t answer the phone call, they will leave a message letting the voter know.

Other supervisors of elections said they, too, are reaching out to voters regarding signature issues on ballots.

For example, in Orange County, the Supervisor of Elections said, as of Sunday, they have 960 ballots that have signature issues and are considered provisionally rejected.

Osceola County’s SOE said they have 590 ballots with outstanding voter errors.

Hays said cure affidavits can be returned to his office via email, fax or can be dropped off.

Hays said if a voter still has to return a vote-by-mail ballot, that must be dropped off at the Supervisor of Elections office, as he said drop-off boxes were removed from early voting locations at the conclusion of early voting.

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