Here’s why you should be fired about up living in Florida

It’s important you know how good we have it here in Florida right now, especially in real estate.

Perhaps you’ve considered moving away for a change or scenery or cooler weather, but you should know how good we have it here in Florida right now, real estate-wise.

Did you know that Florida is one of only nine states that has no state income taxes?

If you’ve considered what it would be like living in some of our surrounding states, here’s some perspective:

  • Georgia and North Carolina each have a state income tax of 6%.
  • Tennessee doesn’t have state income tax, but it does tax on certain gains that residents have throughout the year.

If you’re considering a cooler place like New Jersey, know this: The average property tax in the state $8,100 per year. Compare that to the average property tax in Florida of about $1,800 and you’re talking about a lot of money. And that’s before you even start thinking about the state income taxes.

Another perk, you can go to different corners of the state and find completely different views.

“Miami and Orlando -- totally different,”real estate attorney Justin Clark said. “Miami and Destin -- we have a lot of different communities within the state of Florida where you can really find something that you’re looking for.”

Want to hear more about this and other real estate tips? Watch the video above.