Need to replace your roof, but you’re not sure how to work with your insurance company? Try this

Roof (Pexels stock image)

Living in Florida, we see a lot of rain, storms and adverse weather conditions.

These storms can take a toll on our homes -- especially our roofs.

So, what happens if you need to replace your roof? The price can be about $20,000 to $80,000, depending on the size and style.

“No one wants to pay to replace a roof,” attorney Justin Clark said on this week’s episode of “You Have Real Estate.”

There might be an easier way -- than paying out of pocket, that is.

If you think you have a case to make your insurance company fit the bill, you could consider working with a company like Virtual Public Adjusters, featured on this week’s show.

The husband and wife team has expertise in construction and insurance policy. They send a drone up over the home they’re looking at, and can do everything virtually; hence, why they’re called “Virtual Public Adjusters.”

Watch the video, above, to hear from them and learn more about what you can expect.