Best of Central Florida: 3 of the top places to get fit

Wondering where you can get fit in Central Florida? We're about to cover all of that!

Now that we’re past the halfway mark in January, we have to ask: How are your fitness goals coming along? Did anyone else make a New Year’s resolution involving diet or exercise?

If you did, then you’re going to want to watch this: It’s “Best of Central Florida,” and this week’s topic revolves around all things fitness-related.

Hosts Justin Clark and Makaila Nichols will walk you through their top choices for getting your heart rate up in the Orlando area.

Without further ado ...

Makaila’s Choice: Eat The Frog Fitness, in Orlando, Maitland and Winter Garden

This hotspot offers 24 sessions, seven days a week -- so you have no excuse for missing a class!

The owners said they’re trying to make fitness accessible, and aim to hold people accountable, while of course helping them enjoy the workout process.

Eat The Frog prides itself on being welcoming, and assisting clients when it comes to seeing results.

They specialize in strength, endurance, agility; offering 55-minute workouts with weights, spin bikes, rowers and more.

People’s Choice: College Park Yoga, in Orlando

By now, likey everyone has heard of yoga. But have you tried it?

Even if you play other sports, yoga can help when it comes to making you a more well-rounded athlete, improving your balance, recovery -- even your aim, the studio representatives said.

College Park Yoga offers one-on-one or group classes.

They focus a lot on the breathing techniques involved with a yoga practice, rather than just being flexible. Yoga can help so much with mental health and focus. It all comes down to that breath.

The people behind College Park Yoga have even written a cookbook, which they discuss in the segment above.

Justin’s Choice: BioFit Performance, in Oviedo

This concept comes from a former professional athlete: A rugby player in England.

The idea behind BioFit Performance is that fitness takes a LOT more than just workouts, to be effective. College and pro athletes have access to nutrition help, personal training, advice from doctors and more. So, why shouldn’t other people take advantage of the same things?

Now they can.

It’s about a fourth of the price of a personal trainer, and a lot of the work is done in small groups, the owner told Clark.

BioFit prides itself on four pillars: training, nutrition, recovery and accountability.

They recommend starting by coming about three times a week, but said four times is likely ideal.

The food peg is important too, because “you can’t outrun bad nutrition.”

To learn more about any of these three hotspots, watch the video, above.