Best of Central Florida: Summer activities the whole family can do

School is out in Florida and you need something to keep the kids away from spending hours behind the TV. Well, look no further, because Best of Central Florida has three great summer activities that are great or the whole family.

It’s also ridiculously hot during these summer days, and all of these activities can be done inside with the comfort of air conditioning. How great is that?

Makaila’s Choice: St. Augustine Art Association

Appreciating art is something that is truly for everyone. It doesn’t matter how young or how old you are, going to a well-curated art gallery can be both relaxing and eye-opening. That’s why Makaila’s choice is the St. Augustine Art Association. Each month, the gallery has a new show that is full of incredible artists that are showcasing their talents.

The St. Augustine Art Association is also a great place for children who have an interest in art. There is summer art camp where kids will get to explore their creativity and make their own art, as well as scavenger hunts in the museum for kids to (and adults who are still kids at heart) to try out.

People’s Choice: Central Florida Community Arts

The whole point of the Central Florida Community Arts is to be a home for every thing that falls under the fine arts. From painting and sculpting to singing your heart out to a massive choir, they truly have something for every one.

This is seriously a great way to not only get involved in the community, but to let out your inner artistic self, as well. Central Florida Community Arts prides itself on being an inclusive place, so it doesn’t matter if you have zero artistic talent, there is still a place for you to grow and learn in the arts.

Justin’s Choice: Museum of Arts and Sciences

Most museums will focus on either art, history or science, but at the Museum of Arts and Sciences, patrons will get to experience all three in the most awesome way possible.

The Museum of Arts and Sciences is truly a special place in Central Florida, and there is something interesting to see for every one in the family. From the planetarium with amazing star shows, to rare artifacts of American History - the Museum of Arts and Sciences has so much to uncover. Oh, and don’t forget about the hands on children’s museum that will keep the kids entertained for hours.