I can go to college AND high school at the same time? Dual-enrollment can offer unique opportunity for high schoolers

Stock image. Pixabay (Pexels)

More and more in this day and age, high schoolers are having increased opportunities to get a major head start on their college education.

College institutions, such as Orange Technical College, are allowing high school students to devote time out of their days to take classes in a skilled trade.

It’s a concept where students can get an education, get out into the career field and make more money in an accelerated period of time.

It’s often is a win-win situation for students who are getting better-paying jobs without as much debt, and also for employers who are badly in need of skilled laborers.

“Students who successfully complete these programs can graduate high school with industry certification and a traditional high school diploma, providing them with articulated college credit and a significant head start on their career pathway,” said Melanie Stefanowicz, associate superintendent at Orange Technical College.

For more information on specific programs or to find out how to enroll a high school student in classes toward college credits, visit this website to learn more.