How much is a resale ticket for the Super Bowl?

Questions over capacity for the big game continue, while ticket sellers see record prices

ORLANDO, Fla. – In a little more than two weeks, Raymond James Stadium in Tampa Bay will host a Super Bowl unlike any other we’ve seen before.

It’s still unclear how many fans the NFL will allow inside the stadium, however ticket sellers told News 6 they’re seeing record prices already, and anticipate they could continue to rise.

A spokesperson with SeatGeek said their average ticket price for the big game currently exceeds $9,000, which is well above what they usually see with about two weeks left until kickoff.

“Given the reduced capacity and combination of teams left we are seeing record high prices right now, and they really went up a good amount after the results this weekend,” a spokesperson said. “Typically we see prices trend lower as the game approaches, but this year could very well be different with the reduced capacity.”

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To track their Super Bowl ticket prices and see where in the country tickets are being sold, click here.

Adam Budelli serves as a spokesperson at StubHub.

“This year in particular it’s going to be an intimate experience as they are going to look at 20-25 percent capacity,” he explained. “Given the limited number of capacity, we don’t expect to see as many ticket price fluctuations for a high-priced event.”

StubHub shared the following tips for those considering buying tickets for the Super Bowl:

StubHub shared the following tips for those considering buying tickets for the Super Bowl (StubHub)

The NFL has not released an official statement as to how many fans they will allow inside. In a normal year, Raymond James Stadium can seat anywhere around 65,000 fans.

Budelli told News 6 that if the hometown Buccaneers become the first NFL team to play a Super Bowl in their home stadium, ticket prices would likely remain high.

“Typically when we have seen that happen historically in events such as College Football Championship, price points do stay higher since the fan base doesn’t have to worry about hotel or air travel,” he added.

As Steve Hogan with Florida Citrus Sports explained, expect to see some of that economic boom make its way to the Orlando area.

Hogan just wrapped up three college bowl games this season in Orlando, on top of four years of hosting the Pro Bowl.

“Economically it’s always a plus for Orlando,” he said. “An event of that magnitude often needs to use hotels in Orange County to do corporate hospitality, staff hotel rooms.”

Gameday is at 6:30 p.m. on Feb. 7 You can watch the Super Bowl on News 6 with coverage beginning at 11:30 a.m.