Video: Florida panther attacks pet cat in front of home

Wildlife officers post signs outside Naples-area neighborhood

A panther kills a house cat outside a home near Naples.

NAPLES, Fla. – A Florida panther attacked a house cat in front of a home near Naples on Sunday, and the incident was captured on video.

The attack occurred in the Golden Gate Estates neighborhood, where a sign has been posted warning residents to protect their pets.

The video was posted on, with the caption, "This house is located in a woody area outside of the city of Naples, Florida, where lots of wild animals walk around, like bears and panthers. Keep your pets safe if you live in an area like this!"

[WARNING: Video below may be considered graphic]

According to WINK-TV, the Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission set up a sign at the entrance of the neighborhood with brochures.

Wildlife officials  also offered ways to help keep panthers away:

  • Remove or reduce low-growing vegetation that can provide cover. Panthers are ambush predators and must get as close as possible before initiating an attack.
  • Install motion-activated lighting. The surprise of a light suddenly coming on may alter a panther’s intentions.
  • Electric fencing around an enclosure also may deter an inquisitive panther from attempting to get your animals. But it is ineffective when placed on perimeter fencing surrounding one’s property, because panthers can easily jump over a fence and may never come into contact with the hot wire.