Easter bunny who went viral for Orlando brawl wanted in New Jersey, report says

Antonie McDonald told News 6 he's not usually a violent person

ORLANDO, Fla. – The man who claimed to be a cotton-tailed crusader after he was caught on video fighting in an Easter Bunny costume in Orlando is wanted in New Jersey, according to a report from the Tampa Bay Times.

Antoine McDonald said he was wearing a bunny costume Saturday night on Orange Avenue, near SAKS Comedy Club, when he said he saw a man involved in an altercation with a woman so he decided to step in.

McDonald told News 6 said he's not usually a violent person.

"I am the type of person to avoid fights by any means necessary, but in that situation, I would fight any day," McDonald said. 

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McDonald didn't know the woman or man involved, but he said he will not tolerate disrespect toward women. 

After the video of McDonald brawling with an unknown man in downtown went viral the Tampa Bay Times found McDonald has a criminal past and is currently wanted in New Jersey.

According to the Times, McDonald was accused of two armed robberies on New Year's Day in 2017, and the following year McDonald and an accomplice were caught on camera burglarizing a car. Police in New Jersey obtained a warrant for McDonald's arrest.

McDonald left the state and was later arrested in Pasco County, according to the Times.

McDonald, whose identity was unknown because of the fluffy mask, came forward Monday and provided his version of events to News 6 and multiple other local and national news outlets.

No one was arrested after Orlando police broke up the fight.

The fear of arrest did cross McDonald's mind, he told News 6. 

"The thought went through my head when the cop came over, but you know I didn't leave. I didn't run. I said, 'You know what? This man deserved it.' You know, if I have to be arrested for this to prove a point that this shouldn't be happening, then so be it," McDonald said.

News 6 is working to verify McDonald's criminal record. Check back for updates.