Road to ruin? Car sign lets you message other drivers

MIAMI – This is either the worst idea in the world, or... well, the worst idea in the world.

Just when road rage has reached peak inanity, a new company has invented an electronic sign that allows drivers to message other drivers while on the road.

Sure, the pitch video by RoadWayve makes it sound like the messages will be one of gratitude or warning, but seriously, have they seen U.S. drivers?

The RoadWayve sign attaches to the rear windshield of your vehicle

The LED screen attaches to the rear windshields of vehicles. The driver then uses a bluetooth device to post messages for others to see.

It all means that when one person curses out another while traveling the highways and byways of our great country, they'll darn well be sure to be "heard."

Now if they can just do something about those people who honk their horns 0.000000054 seconds after the light turns green.