Riders rescued from Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit at Universal Orlando

Technical glitch idles theme park roller coaster

ORLANDO, Fla. – Riders were rescued Wednesday morning from the Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit roller coaster at Universal Orlando. 

A Universal spokeswoman said the ride experienced a technical glitch. 

"The ride did exactly what it was supposed to do and brought the ride to a safe and controlled stop. We have helped our guests off the ride. We are working to reopen the ride as soon as possible," Universal said in a statement. 

Late Wednesday, Universal officials followed up via Twitter saying the ride remained closed.

"Hollywood Rip Ride Rocket is currently experiencing a technical downtime. Our mobile app will be updated first if the ride is back up and running today."

Video from News 6 helicopter Sky 6 showed six riders in a car that was stopped before a loop on the track. A worker on a raised platform was seen next to the car. 

Orlando firefighters say the attraction was in a downward slope when it got stuck. From Sky 6, stranded passengers could be seen being rescued from the ride not far off the ground. 

No other details about the incident have been released. 

Following the incident, some parkgoers said they love the roller coaster and were shocked to hear it got stuck. 

"My favorite part is the roll at the top of the first loop," said Lori Johnson, of Iowa. "I'll still go on it."

Len Johnson, also of Iowa, sympathized for those who got stuck.

"You're totally floating in your seat and totally lifted in the air," Len Johnson said. "I feel bad for the people who were on it."

Sophie Johnson said she's been on the Rip Ride Rockit several times.

She was happy to learn that everyone is OK and said she wouldn't let the news of the incident ruin her vacation.

"Knowing they're all safe is reassuring," Sophie Johnson said.  

Firefighters said no one was hurt. 

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