I-4 Ultimate officials develop system to help Maitland business owners

Changes from Big Drive impact Maitland drivers, businesses

ORLANDO, Fla. – The Big Drive has impacted several areas, but Maitland has especially felt the effects of the massive highway project.

It’s not just drivers who have been impacted by the changes along Maitland Boulevard, though. Local businesses have also felt the burden of the many changes.

For that reason, officials with the I-4 Ultimate Project came up with a user friendly, color-coded way to help break it down.

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"Construction can be really complex, and a lot of people have trouble visualizing what things may look like at the end, so we do a lot with graphics and illustrations trying to help people really understand what it will look like when it's all said and done," I-4 Ultimate Project Public Information Officer David Parks said.
The idea is to simplify the language and personalize the information.
"We split the area in our in our work zone in Maitland up into four areas -- four quadrants -- made it real simple for folks to locate where they are, and really get the information that matters specific to their location," Parks said.
This system was designed with the businesses along Maitland Boulevard in mind.

Business representatives come into one of the periodic community meetings and find the color that represents their quadrant, and then follow the balloons.
"To really simplify the process, we broke Maitland down West of I-4 into four quadrants and then when people come here, the building managers come here, when the HR people came here, ‘Okay, if my buildings in the yellow section,’ you want to go to the yellow balloons, or ‘If my building is in the red section, I want to be here at the red, and that way I can really get the information that I need quickly and let me get back on with my busy day,’" Parks said.
“It's about as user friendly as a complicated project can get,” News 6 traffic anchor Amy Biondello said.

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