Do you know the proper way to wear your seat belt?

Officials say one correct way to wear it to prevent from injury

We know that buckling your seat belt is a key step in safe travel. But how you wear that seat belt is every bit as important as hearing it click in the first place.

It's something that we hear about often: the importance of buckling up.

“As troopers and any type of law enforcement officer, we see that seat belts truly save lives. It's a very cliché statement, but it's the number one things that are going to keep you in that vehicle," Steve Montiero, community service officer for Florida Highway Patrol, said.

Just as important as the act of fastening that seat belt is making sure that it's worn the right way.

"We're seeing all too often people are putting it behind their back, you're defeating the purpose. Once even putting it under your arm, you're defeating the purpose of the seat belt at that point," Montiero said.

There is one correct way to wear a seat belt to maximize the potential life-saving safety feature.

“The seat belt is designed to come across your chest over your shoulder. And that is preventing you from moving forward, " Montiero said.

The old move of tucking the belt under an arm is not going to protect you, or your passengers.

“Once you put it underneath your arm, if you like eating a steering wheel, go for it, but at that point, you are going to really mess up your face and possibly cause serious bodily harm, or death," Montiero said.

It's something we hear about a lot, because it is one of the basic precautions that we can all take in a car to keep ourselves and loved ones safe.

“We want to make sure that you have that your seat belt on at all times, not only for you, but for your family," Montiero said.

Florida Highway Patrol has another "click it or ticket " crackdown coming up in May, just another reason to remember to buckle up every time you get in a vehicle.