More closures expected in downtown Orlando

Girders to be installed on new bridge


ORLANDO, Fla. – This weekend, drivers around downtown Orlando can expect a new round of closures all thanks to the the I-4 Ultimate Project.

This time, the changes are set for the intersection of Division Avenue and Gore Street as long as weather doesn't get in the way. 

"Beginning Friday night at 11 p.m., we're going to close the intersection of Division and Gore Street," I-4 Ultimate spokesman Chris Patton said.

The closure will allow for the installation of girders for a brand new bridge for the Eastbound I-4 exit to South Street. 

The closure is important in order to keep vehicles away from active construction.  

"We'll have multiple cranes in the area to lift those girders, they're very heavy steel girders so we don't want any traffic moving underneath it as we do that work," Patton said.

To accommodate the weekend closure, alternate roads will be open to handle displaced drivers. 

"To alleviate congestion in this area, Hughey Avenue is closed from Church Street to South Street this weekend, continuous closure for over a year. That's going to be open just for this weekend to help alleviate some of the congestion that this Division/Gore Street intersection closure is going to cause," Patton said.

While it may be another temporary headache, placing these girders is a big step forward for the Big Drive. 

"It's a milestone for the project up to this point. We've been building a lot of piers in that area for the I-4/408 ramps, this is kind of the first ramp we're going to actually start putting down some girders and start actually building the bridge for that ramp exit," Patton said.

Like all construction, this, too, is weather-dependent and with rain in the forecast, keep checking in with News 6 to stay up to date on any changes.